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I KNOW YOURE MAD (with prod stems)

118 BPM
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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with purchase?

Depending on the track, you will receive either the mp3 file of the acapella, wav file of the acapella, dry vocal stems, wet vocal stems, or all these files. View the "Included" section on the license summaries above to see what this track provides with purchase. All files will be sent via a download link to your email after purchase.

You will also receive a license agreement with purchase outlining the terms and coniditions of purchase. View a sample contract or continue to the checkout page of a track to view it's license agreement.

What can I use the vocals for?

You can use the vocals for your own original music. The tracks you make with vocals from voclio are songs that you own and can profit from. They can be edited how you choose and do not need to be labled as a "remix".

What's the difference between licenses?

There are two types of Licenses - Exclusive (exclusive) and Non-Exclusive (basic and pro).

An exclusive license provides the purchaser the exclusive right to use the vocal track in a new song going forward. This means that the vocal track can no longer be sold to anyone else. Voclio automatically takes down the vocal track when an Exclusive license is sold.

A Non-Exclusive license allows a vocalist to sell the same vocal track to multiple parties and does not gaurantee exclusivity to the buyer.

Please note that we do not guarantee a non-exclusive license hasn't been sold prior to purchasing an exclusive license either on voclio.com or another source. We recommend reaching out to the seller if you would like to verify. In addition to exclusivity, each license has a set of terms and conditions. These terms outline rights given to the buyer. Terms may include things such as streaming limits - which place a limit on the number of streams your song can have before a new license must be purchased, sales limits - which place a limit on the number of sales your song can have before a new license must be purchased, etc.