Start your journey.

Whether you're an established artist or waiting for your big break, Voclio is for you.

How it works

Voclio is designed to help singers make a living and get discovered. Artists will write and record original vocal tracks and upload them to our marketplace. Then, producers, dj’s, and labels can purchase or lease your vocal tracks to use in their own releases. You can sell your vocal tracks exclusively or lease them non-exclusively. Leasing allows you to sell each track at a lower price but retain the rights to lease the track out to multiple individuals.

My Store

Selling your vocal tracks and toplines has never been easier. My Store is your own personal vocal track and topline store. All the tracks that you upload to Voclio will automatically be uploaded to Voclio's marketplace and your personal store. You can easily embed your store into your own website or simply direct individuals to your store with your personal store link.

Get Discovered

Why limit yourself to your current network? Take control of your singing career by giving yourself more opportunities to be discovered. Voclio attracts producers, dj's, and labels from across the world giving you the ability to reach more ears and access new markets. The more vocal tracks you sell, the more opportunities you create for yourself.

Stay in control

No need to worry about messy contracts. Voclio enables you to easily customize the terms of your licenses. From streaming limits to whether or not you want your name in the final track title, Voclio makes it easy for you to stay in control.

Voclio's instrumental library

Voclio's instrumental library is a collection of instrumentals that range from simple acoustic tracks to complete radio ready instrumentals. These instrumentals can be used for inspiration and to help write and record your vocal tracks. As a bonus perk, these instrumentals are all royalty free! You can use them for your own commercial releases for as long as you are a member.