Frequently Asked Questions

How does licensing work?

There are two types of Licenses - Exclusive and Non-Exclusive.

An exclusive license provides the purchaser the exclusive right to use the vocal track in a new song. This means that the vocal track can no longer be sold to anyone else. Voclio automatically takes down the vocal track when and Exclusive license is sold. Purchasing an exclusive license only ensures that the vocal track may no longer be sold to anyone else thereafter - it doesn't mean that a non-exclusive license hasn't already been sold. Be sure to message the vocalist if you want to ensure the license hasn't already been purchased.

A Non-Exclusive license allows a vocalist to sell the same vocal track to multiple parties. Typically non-exclusive licenses are much cheaper than exclusive licenses. This allows producers to purchase vocal tracks at a lower cost while allowing the vocalist to earn recurring income on the continued sale of a vocal track.

How do royalties and song rights work?

Every vocal track purchased is for the purpose of making 1 new song. Sellers can choose whether or not they will retain any publishing and writing share of the new song. You can view the amount the seller retains by viewing the license on the checkout page of a vocal.

Voclio does not collect or distribute royalties, nor does Voclio publish music. Thus, you are responsible for ensuring rights are assigned properly with the appropraite music distribution services. Communication between licensor and licensee is neccessary in order to ensure you are both set up to collect royalties.

Can I customize my licenses?

Yes, you can fully customize your licenses. Currently, Voclio supports 3 licenses - Basic, Pro, and Exclusive licenses. You must assign at least one license to a vocal track but you can use all 3 to give buyers more options. You can customize things such as whether or not your name must, or must not be, used in the final track title. As well as place limits on things such as the number of sales allowed, number of streams allowed, and other options.

It is common for vocalists to offer basic licenses with a lower price and lower limits while offering pro licenses for a higher price and higher, or even unlimited, limits.

How do I collect money from sales?

We use stripe and PayPal for online payment processing. You will simply connect your PayPal and/or Stripe account to your voclio account. Afterwards, you will be set up to receive direct deposit payments whenever one of your vocal tracks sells. Payouts take between 2-4 days to process and get paid out.

What do I upload?

Every vocal track you upload requires you to upload a streaming file and a download file. The streaming file is solely for the purpose previewing the vocal track before purchase. As such this file may include accompanying music to give the listener a better idea of how the vocal track sounds with music. Or the streaming file might also include a voice tag. A voice tag is a short audio snippet that occurs every 20-30 seconds to "watermark" your vocal track and prevent unauthorized use.

The download file is what will actually get sent to someone when they purchase your track. Your download file can be a single wav or mp3 file of your vocal track. Or you can upload a zip folder that contains all the individual stems from the vocal track (background vocals, harmonies, etc).

What is Voclio's instrumental library?

Voclio's instrumental library is provided to our members to help write and record vocal tracks. Vocalists can browse the library for instrumentals ranging from full radio radio productions to simple acoustic chord progressions. Once you find an instrumental that inspires you, download the instrumental and use it to write and record vocals with. Once you've recorded your vocals just take away the instrumental and upload your vocal track to voclio! We want to make it as easy as possible to write quality tracks and make money.

Written a song that you want to keep for yourself? As long as you are a member you can also use our instrumentals in your own commercial releases! All of our instrumentals are royalty free while you are a member and can be uploaded to your favorite streaming platforms, iTunes, YouTube, etc.

Why do some tracks have music and some don't?

Voclio artists have the option to upload their vocal track with or without backing music. Think of it like staging a house. Backing music can help producers envision what the vocals would sound like with music. Upon purchase, you will receive the isolated vocal track with no backing music. Before purchasing you can see what comes with your purchase. For example, the MP3, WAV, and/or Stems.