25 EDM YouTube Channels You Can Submit Music To

25 EDM YouTube Channels You Can Submit Your Music To - With Contact Info!

by Voclio

Posted on September 3rd, 2019

EDM YouTube Channels to Submit Music To

If you want your music heard by the masses then having it featured on a few YouTube channels is a must. And unless you have a few million followers of your own, getting your music on YouTube channels is one of the few ways that can actually get your music to blow up fast.

Unfortunately, building email lists and pitching music to labels, playlists, and YouTube Channels isn't something most artists look forward to. So we've done some of the dirty work for you! We've scoured YouTube and came up with a good mix of large and small EDM YouTube channels that you can submit your music to.

We even compiled this list into an excel document that includes the exact email address or link where you can send the channel your music! Find the excel download at the bottom.

Although all these YouTube channels feature some sort of EDM music, many lean towards a specific sub-genre or a few sub-genres. So word to the wise before submitting your music - make sure that the music your submitting would fit their channel!

1. Proximity

This list is in no particular order but if it were, Proximity deserves to be towards the top anyway. With over 8 million subscribers they have become the mecca of EDM music on YouTube. They do lean towards the bigger names. That combined with their popularity makes it one of the most difficult EDM youtube channels to get your music on. But they take submissions, so why not?.

2. Future Bass

If you're a future bass producer than this is the channel you want to be on!

3. WaveMusic

A great all-around EDM YouTube channel featuring both big-name artists and up and comers from multiple genres of edm.

4. MrSuicideSheep

If you are a frequent listener to electronic music on YouTube then most likely you've heard of MrSuicideSheep. It's a massively popular channel that features a wide variety of electronic music.

5. Wandering Music

This a smaller channel at only 8k subscribers that leans most towards the future bass genre. Due to it's smaller size it may be easier for a smaller artist to find a spot on the channel.

6. Taz Network

Taz Network is a large channel that posts everything from pop hits to club bangers, giving many different types of artists a shot to make the channel.

7. xKito Music

A widely popular edm and electronic youtube channel that features anime artwork.

8. Unique Vibes

Unique vibes posts mostly radio pop hits - but they do feature edm and electronic music every now and again and allow you to submit music to the large channel.

9. Royal Music

Royal music is an awesome youtube channel featuring new electronic music including EDM, Future Bass, Pop, Trap and much more.

10. Galaxy Music

One of the biggest music brands on YouTube. Presenting you the best songs, playlists and mixes! Genres include pop, EDM, Trap, Future Bass and many more.

11. Loranos

One of the smallest channels on this list - so great for up n' comers. The channel posts some great EDM music from a variety of EDM genres.

12. White Paper

White Paper is advertising and promotion Youtube Channel for EDM, Electronic music, and sometimes non-electronic music.

13. Spectre Music

Another one of the smaller channels on this list at only a few thousand subscribers. The channel promotes a lot of music from "unknow artists".

14. Planet Music

A small EDM youtube channel that posts some great music from lesser known artists.

15. Chroma Records

Chroma Records is an up and coming record label and YouTube channel. For now it looks like they are pretty small - but a great one to go for.

16. CloudKid

CloudKid is a huge YouTube channel loaded with great electronic music. They feature a lot of lesser-known artists as well!

17. SKMusic

SKMusic is a music channel seeking to find and acknowledge some of the best electronic beats out there. With over 50k subscribers it is a fast growing channel.

18. Arctic Empire

Arctic Empire focuses primarily on chill electronic music. At just under half a million subscribers this is an awesome channel to get your music on!

19. MusicMagnificence

MusicMagnificence is a promotional channel dedicated to the sweeter and softer side of EDM, sharing the finnest and most uplifting melodies with you through single track uploads or thematic mixes. You can send them submission directly through email!

20. Presage Music

At just over 300k subscribers, Presage Music is a great YouTube channel for up and coming producers to submit music to!

21. Frisson

Frisson posts mostly hour-long mixes rather than individual tracks. You can submit your music to them via email for a shot at getting on one of their next mixes!

22. Tailosive Music

Tailosive music self proclaims supporting underrated electronic music producers and pop artists. It's a small channel at only 5k subscribers but a great opportunity for smaller artists!

23. MrMoMMusic

MrMoMMusic posts a variety of music to their half a million subscribers.

24. Too Future

Too Future is a growing YouTube channel that features a lot of music from Future Bass to Hip Hop.

25. Tasty

Tasty is a YouTube channel that has been supporting up and coming artists since 2011. You can submit music through their submission portal.

To make it as easy as possible for you, we've created an excel file with each YouTube channel along with the email address or submission link for each channel.

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